'In The Pink'. Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg, 2011.

Jeremy Houghton is a British artist who is fast becoming recognised as one of his generation’s most prolific and collectable painters. His evocative and varied works on canvas and paper offering a rare combination of realist and abstract depictions have been shown in some of London’s most prestigious galleries providing a fascinating
insight and dialogue between artist and viewer. 

The lesser flamingo, found predominantly in eastern and southern Africa, is suffering due to the shifting states of water in their habitat. Water has been the foremost topic and medium that Houghton has addressed throughout his painting career, so the combination of his interest with the flamingo and his concern for water conservation has resulted in an unrivalled ornithological portfolio which is now ‘returning’ to South Africa for this much publicised exhibition.

‘I feel strangely indebted to the flamingo. These beautiful creatures have given me hundreds of hours of inspiration in front of many a canvas. So when the opportunity arose to give something back I jumped at it. ‘It was Jennifer Oppenheimer who first made me aware of their endangered plight and introduced me to Mark Anderson, a remarkable man who has single-handedly done more for the bird than anyone. Mark has not only been a great source of help and inspiration for my paintings, enabling me to get closer to these birds than ever before, but he demonstrated how my art can potentially make a difference to the water issues and habitat which will ultimately determine their survival.’ 

This selling exhibition will not only be a celebration of Houghton’s powerful work but also a chance to raise much needed funds and awareness for the lesser flamingo. BirdLife South Africa and The Save the Flamingo Charity will be the beneficiaries of this exhibition. Everard Read has become synonymous with the finest art emanating from Southern Africa. Many of this region´s most celebrated painters and sculptors exhibit with Everard Read, which is also the agent for some of the world’s most influential artists. The CIRCA Gallery is a world class contemporary art space, also under the Read ownership, which includes exhibitions of a cultural and environmental nature.